The First Games for the Class Hockey Championship.

In the first games of the class hockey championship series played at Spy Pond yesterday, the Juniors defeated the Seniors by the score of 2 to 1, and the Freshmen defeated the Sophomores by the score of 1 to 0. Although the scores were close, the games in both cases were slow, chiefly owing to the fact that they were played on the open ice and not on a rink as usual. This caused a great waste of time while the puck was being brought back to a playable position, and, while it allowed some brilliant individual work on the sides, it was a great hindrance to team play and a handicap to men who had been accustomed to using the sides of the rink.

In the Junior-Senior game, neither side scored until the second half. The score was 1 to 0 in the Seniors' favor, until in the last three minutes of play, the Juniors scored two goals on long drives. The Juniors showed the results of practice in their team work and played a more scientific game. The Seniors, on the other hand, were not at all well together, yesterday being the first time they had played together in the final line-up. The teams lined up as follows: 1901.  1902. Milne, f.  f., Chaffee (Seaver). Canterbury, f.  f., Burgess (Capt.) Coolidge (Capt.), f.  f., Cook. Clerk (Flint), f.  f., Metcalf. Evans, c.p.  c.p., Noyes. Coyle, p.  p., Goddard. Hyde, g.  g., Peirce.

Goals--Canterbury, Metcalf, Burgess. Time--20 minute halves.

The Sophomore-Freshman game was slower that that between the Juniors and Seniors. The Freshmen had the puck near the Sophomores, goal during the greater part of the time, but were unable to score more goals on account of the superior defence of the Sophomores. With both teams the individual playing was better than the team work, and the defence was stronger than the offence. The line-up was as follows: 1903.  1904. C'ark, f.  f., Fosdick. Pier, (Capt.) f.  f., Burr. Ward, f.  f., Wait, (Capt.) Forter, (McAirty,) f.  f., Marshall. Locke, c. p.  c. p., Kent. Litchfield, p.  p. Manson, (Rockwell.) Foot, g.  g., Carr, (Stone.)

Goal;--Wait. Time--20 minute halves.