Baseball Cup Series Begins.

The last fall baseball practice was held on Saturday; and a series of the best three out of five games will now be played between two teams picked from the squad, to the winners of which will be given cups. No member of the University nine nor men on probation will be allowed to play and both teams have been picked and balanced mainly from a basis of batting averages made during the practice.

The first game of the series will be played this afternoon at 2.15 with the following batting orders:

Blearys-McGirr c., Sheldon 1b., Viaux, Leary 2b., Carr s.s., Dever 3b., Movius l.f., Pier c.f., Parsons r.f., Tuckerman p., Hamlin sub. c., G. M. Leonard sub. p.

Skeletons-Mason c., Skilton 1b., Kernan 2b., Sanger s.s., Cary, K. Smith 3b., Pieper l.f., Adams c.f., Loomis r.f., Cutter p., Hamlin sub. c., Wales sub. p.