Golf Team News.

The following men have handed in their names as candidates for the golf team: K. Smith '05, R. Manning '04, V. S. Manson '04, M. Richards '04, A. Wellman '05, M. Tilden '05, W. B. Egan '05, W. Egan '05, H. Burnett '05, F. Appleton '03, A. P. Thornton '05, R. D. Lapham '05, I. T. Cutter '05, L. V. Pulsifer '03, P. A. Proal '05, A. S. Thurston '03, H. Cary '05.

Of last year's team the following men are now in College: C. T. Richardson '02, H. Lindsley '02, H. B. Hollins '04, A. M. Brown '03, W. Wadsworth '02, G. O. Winston '04, N. A. Murdock '04, W. W. Hoffman '02.

Two team matches have been arranged for this week, the first with Newton Centre on Wednesday and the other with Agawam Hunt, of Providence, on Saturday.

Arrangements are being made for the team to practice on either the Newton or Braeburn course, and announcement will be made tomorrow whether they are successful.