Glee Club Prospects.

The trials for Glee Club candidates will probably be held in about a week, and the regular rehearsals will begin immediately. A number of new men are needed to sing first bass and first tenor. It is uncertain when the first concerts will be given, but preparations will begin at once under the direction of M.R. Brownell '02, leader. It is probable that Mr. G. L. Osgood '66 will assist in coaching.

The following men who sang last year chance than in former years to become well acquainted.

The following men have been invited to serve on the committee:

From 1902--E. Lewis, W. E. Ladd, C. Platt, 3d, J. G. Bradley, C. Blagden, E. C. Richardson, J. L. Motley, H. Bullard, P. W. Thomson, B. Wendell, Jr., J. C. Grew, C. C. Rumsey, W. E. Forbes, M.H. Birkhead, W. D. Brooks, T. C. Knowles, H.S. Knowles, P. A. Carroll, T. W. Morris, W. H. Child, W. W. Hoffman, P. Coburn, J. A. Dix, F. I. Emery, G. Bancroft, C. S. Sargent, A. S. Dixey, H. M. Gittings, W. B. Wood, R. Kinnicutt, L. P. Frothingham, C. Frothingham, J. H. Shirk, A. W. Ristine, C. H. Schweppe, R. B. Ogilby, M.R. Brownell, R. D. Pruyn, W. M. Welsh, A. H. Morse, L. C. Clark, A. W. Talmage, J. H. Smith, H. L. Movius.

From 1903.--A. G. Rotch, G. S. Barton, R. Swift, G. Draper, A. Ames, G. D. Boardman, E. Bowditch, R. Derby, J. S. Lovering, J. D. Clark, G. Clark, D. F. Downs, R. Ernst, A. Stillman, M. B. Stone, C. H. Krumbhaar.