Football Night Tickets on Sale Today.

Tickets for the special football night performance at Keith's will go on sale at the Union at 2.3 this afternoon. The sale will be held in the H. A. A. office and the line will form through the basement billiard room. In order to accommodate as many undergraduates as possible, it has been decided to sell only one seat to each member of the University, except in the second balcony where any member of the University may buy two seats.

The floor will be reserved for Seniors and Juniors and members of the graduate departments, and the first balcony for Sophomores and Freshmen.

In order that friends may be able to sit together, and in order that as few men as possible be obliged to stand in line, any man presenting the signatures of men for whom he wishes to buy tickets may obtain not more than five seats.

No tickets will be sold except to members of the University.

The prices will be as follows: Orchestra stalls, $2.00; orchestra circle, $1,50; first three rows in first balcony, $1.50; fourth to eighth rows in first balcony $1.00; second balcony 50 cents; admission tickets (limited in number) to lower part of house, 75 cents.