First Newell Second in Graded Crew Race.--First Weld Wins 1904 Race.

In the trial races between the Weld and Newell graded crews yesterday, the second Newell won by half a length with the first Newell second and the first Weld third, a length and a quarter behind the first Newell. The second Weld finished a length and a half behind the first Weld. There was a strong head wind and the rough water bothered the crews very much. The time was 11 minutes, 37 seconds.

At the start all the crews got off well with the two second crews slightly in the lead. The second Newell had the outside position and the most tide, but this advantage was counter-balanced by rougher water. For the first quarter of a mile the four crews kept about even, all rowing 32 strokes a minute. At the half mile the second Newell was slightly in the lead and the second Weld had fallen back a little but all the crews were within a boat's length of one another. At the bridge the second Newell was a length in the lead. The first Weld was slightly ahead of the first Newell and the second Weld was a length back. The water was very rough and all the crews were splashing a great deal. A short distance below the bridge an unusually large wave caught stroke's oar in the first Weld and the crew lost half a length besides shipping a great deal of water.

Half a mile from the finish the order of the crews was about the same except that the first Newell had gained a little on the others. From here on to the finish the two first crews spurted continually but neither could gain much on the second Newell. The first Weld gained a little on the first Newell but could not hold the spurt long enough. All the men were in good condition at the finish and rowed back to their clubs immediately.

In this race the second Newell had the advantage of having rowed together longer than the other crews. The crew was picked last Thursday and no changes had been made in the order since then. The men rowed well together and had plenty of life. Brownell kept an excellent beat throughout the race and drove the crew well.

The other crews rowed a good race but they lacked life and beat and were not well together at all times.

The order of the winning crew was as follows:

Stroke, M. R. Brownell '02; 7, C. W. Morris '02; 6, D. Gregg '02; 5, R. D. Swaim '01; 4, E. E. Smith '02; 3, W. G. Merritt '02; 2, S. Cunningham '01; bow, H. C. Hawkins '01; coxswain, E. W. C. Jackson '02.

In the race between the club Freshman crews, the first Weld finished first, five lengths ahead of the first Newell, which defeated the third Weld by a length and a half. The second Newell was fourth, a quarter of a length behind the third Weld and two lengths ahead of the second Weld. The third Newell was three lengths behind the second Weld.

The race was rowed before the race of the graded eights and the water was not quite so rough. The time was 11 minutes, 38 seconds.

The crews got off well together but the two first crews went to the lead at once. The first Weld then settled down to a long, even stroke and gained steadily to the finish. In spite of the rough water the men kept their boat on an even keel throughout and after the first quarter of a mile the crew rowed together splendidly. The first Newell crew did not row at all well together and only kept their place by repeated spurts. The coxswain of the third Weld steered a remarkable course for the first mile which lost his crew at least two lengths. During the last mile the second Newell and third Weld had a hard fight for third place. The Weld finally won although the stroke caught a crab a short distance from the finish. The second Weld crew seemed dead after the first mile. The men rowed smoothly and were well together but lacked life altogether.

The order of the winning crew was as follows:

Stroke--H. Minturn; 7, W. D. Parmelee; 6, C. E. Clapp; 5, R. J. Thanisch; 4, T. Lindsley; 3, D. Lloyd; 2, P. Hanford; bow, E. G. Chadwick.