Good Pitching and Timely Hitting Win the Game.

By the good pitching of Stillman and Clarkson, and by the bunching of hits in the fifth and sixth innings, the University nine won a fairly well played game from Lafayette yesterday, the score being 7 to 0. The team played with good spirit, and batted well when hits counted, but throughout the game there was a marked tendency to knock high flies. Stillman, in the first four innings, did not allow a hit and gave but one base on balls. His good work was somewhat marred by a wild pitch which advanced a runner to third base in the second inning, and by one fielding error. Clarkson, who pitched the rest of the game, was also very effective. Lafayette's only hit was a bunt towards third base, which Clark did not touch, expecting it to roll outside the foul line. As usual, Clarkson struck out a large number of batters, and in the sixth inning, after giving two bases, with one out, he prevented Lafayette from scoring by striking out the next two men. For Lafayette, Prichard pitched with good speed, and except in the fifth and sixth innings, was very steady and reliable. He allowed Harvard only eight hits, but six of these were bunched in two innings.

Kernan's work behind the bat shows promise. He showed, however, a lack of steadiness, especially in holding third strikes. Frantz covered first base satisfactorily, and Coolidge fielded his position remarkably well. Clark's one assist was on a bunt, which he handled cleanly and quickly. Murphy opened the game with an error, but after that did well. In the whole game Lafayette hit the ball to the outfield but once, and then it was easily handled by Putnam. Higgs was slow in backing up second, and allowed a runner to take third on a high throw by Kernan. In batting, Clarkson led the team with a clean single and a scratch infield hit out of three times at bat. With the exception of Kernan, who made a three-base hit to right field, no one else made more than a single.

In the first four innings but two Harvard men reached second base, and none reached third. Kernan's three-base hit opened the fourth inning, and Clarkson's single to left field brought in the first run. Bell missed the throw in, and Clarkson, by clever base-running, took second. Murphy was given a base on balls and Devens hit safely over second, scoring Clarkson and advancing Murphy to third. After Devens had stolen second and Wendell had filed out, Clark singled and brought in Murphy and Devens. On the throw to the plate Clark took second. A wild pitch advanced him to third, and he scored when Ernst dropped Frantz's third strike and was obliged to throw to first.

Two more runs were added in the sixth inning. Coolidge got a base on balls and stole second. Kernan was out on a fly. Clarkson hit to Currier, who attempted to throw Coolidge out at third. Clarkson stole second. Murphy's single to left field scored Coolidge, and Brown's high throw to catch Clarkson at third let in another run. Murphy took third on the play, but was left there, as Devens and Wendell were put out on hits to the infield.

The score:   HARVARD.   a.b.  r.  b.h.  p.o.  a.  e. Murphy, 2b.  4  1  1  2  0  1 Devens, r.f.  4  1  1  0  0  0 Wendell, l.f.  4  0  0  0  0  0 G. C. Clark, 3b.  4  1  1  0  1  0 Frantz, lb.  4  0  0  6  1  0 Stillman, p, c.f.  2  0  1  2  0  1 Higgs, c.f.  0  0  0  0  0  0 George, c.f.  1  0  0  0  0  0 Coolidge, s.s.  3  1  1  1  2  0 Kernan, c.  3  1    13  4  1 Putnam, c.f.  1  0  0  1  0  0 Clarkson, p.  3  2  2  1  0  0 Totals,  33  7  8  *26  8  3   LAFAYETTE.   a.b.  r.  b.h.  p.o.  a.  c. Currier, s.s.  4  0  0  0  5  0 Bell, 2b.  2  0  0  2  0  1 Prichard, p.  3  0  0  0  1  0 Ernst, c.  4  0  1  3  2  1 Howard, 3b.  4  0  0  5  1  1 Chalmers, c.f.  3  0  0  2  0  0 Brown, I.f.  3  0  0  2  0  1 Bachman, lb.  3  0  0  10  0  0 Launt, r.f.  3  0  0  0  0  0 Totals,  29  0  1  24  9  4

Innings,  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9 Harvard  0  0  0  0  5  2  0  0  --7

Earned runs--Harvard 2. Three-base hit--Kernan. Stolen bases -- Murphy, Devens, Clark, Coolidge 3, Kernan, Clarkson, Currier, Prichard. Double play --Howard, unassisted. Bases on balls--by Stillman: Chalmers; by Clarkson: Prichard; by Prichard: Murphy, Stillman, Coolidge, Kernan. Hit by pitched balls--by Clarkson: Bell 2. Struck out by Stillman: Prichard, Howard, Brown; by Clarkson: Currier, Prichard, Ernst, Howard 2, Chalmers 2, Brown, Bachman 2, Launt; by Prichard: Murphy, Clark 2, Frantz, George. Passed ball--Kernan. Wild pitches--Stillman, Prichard. Time--1 h. 50 m. Umpire--Murray.

*Bell out hit by batted ball