Officials for Intercollegiate Games.

The list of officials for the intercollegiate games on May 25 is as follows:

Referee--J. E. Sullivan.

Inspectors--G. T. Kirby, C. E. Patterson, C. H. Mapes, W. Camp.

Judges at finish--B. S. Weeks, J. H. Booth, T. F. O'Brien, W. J. Swan.

Timers--R. Stoll, M. Dienop, C. C. Hughes, E. J. Wendell '82.

Measurers of jumps--A. J. Murburg, M. E. More, S. N. Thomas.

Scorer for hammer and shot--F. J. Hardes.

Scorer for jumps--J. Stoll.

Measurers for pole vault--H. H. Baxter, F. J. V. Delaney.

Measurers for hammer and shot--H. E. Buermeyer, J. Dieger.

Scorer for track events--F. W. Rubien.

Scorer for pole vault--W. W. Keesel.

Starter--S. D. Lee.