Oxford and Cambridge Athletes Chosen for the International Games.

The track team that i to represent Oxford and Cambridge in the international games with Harvard and Yale next fall, has been selected. The English athletes will arrive in Canada about August 20, and will come down to New York just before the games, which will be held on September 21 at the Berkeley Oval. Following is a list of the men picked for the English team, together with the best records they have made this year:

100 yards dash--A. E. Hind (C.), 9 4-5s.; J. Churchill (C.), 10s.

Quarter mile run--L. J. Cornish (O.), 51 4-5s.; R. W. Barclay (C.), 52 2-5s.; substitute, S. A. Neave (O.), 52 4-5s.

Half mile run--H. W. Workman (C.), 1m. 57 4-5s.; J. R. Cleave (O.), 1m. 59 2-5s., J. Gilman (C.), 1m. 59 3-5s.

Mile run--F. G. Cockshott (C.), 4m. 26 4-5a., and H. M. Gregson (C.), 4m. 26s., or J. J. Cawthra (C.), 4m. 26 3-5s.

Two mile run--H. W. Workman (C.), 9m. 53s.; E. A. Dawson (O.), 9m. 54s.; J. A. Macnaghton (C.), 9m. 54 3-5s.

120 yards hurdles--G. R. Garnier (O.), 17s.; G. F. Mortimer (O.), 17 1-5s., E. Allcock (C.), 16 4-5s.

High jump--G. H. Smith (C.), 5 ft. 10 3-4in.; J. H. Bulkeley (O.), 5ft. 10 in.

Broad jump--L. J. Cornish (O.), 22 ft. 5 in., and H. N. Jones (C.) 21 ft. 9 in., or W. E. B. Henderson (O.), 21 ft. 3 in.

Hammer throw--E. E. B. May (O.), 119 ft. 11 in.; and W. E. B. Henderson (O.), 108 ft. 1 in.; or B. C. Hartley (C.), 114 ft.