New Elective Pamphlet.

The announcement of the courses of instruction for 1901-02 offered by the Faculty of Arts and Sciences has just been issued. Four hundred and five courses and half-courses, exclusive of summer, seminary and research courses, are offered. The absence next year of some of the professors has necessitated the omission of several courses. Some new courses of interest are offered, particularly in the English, Classical and Romance departments. The following changes are of the most interest.

In the absence of Professor Lyon, his courses will be conducted by Dr. H. W. Haynes. The subject of the Semitic conference will be the First Book of Kings.

The following new instructors will conduct courses in the Classical Department: Professor H. W. Smyth '78, Edward K. Rand '94, and George H. Chase '96. The new courses in this department are: Greek 9, Introduction to the Study of the New Testament; Greek 16, the Homeric Poems, with studies of their influence to the time of the Renaissance; Classical Philology 57, Boethius; Classical Philology 65, Isaeus and the Greek Laws of Inheritance; Classical Philology 61, The Plays of Euripides; Classical Philology 47, The Comedies of Terence.

In the English Department six new courses are offered. Professor Kittredge will give a half course on the sources and history of the English vocabulary. Dr. Schofield will give two half courses on the literary history of England from the Norman conquest to Chaucer, and from

Chaucer to Queen Elizabeth. Professor A. S. Hill will give two half-courses, one on the history and development of English literature in outline from 1700 to 1900, the other, on the be innings of the English novel. Professor Wendell will give a half course on the works of Shakespere.


In the Germanic Department the resignation of Professor Schilling and the absence during the year of Professor Francke and Mr. Nichols, makes many changes necessary which cannot be definitely decided upon untillater. Those courses, however, under the particular supervision of Professor Francke will be omitted next year.

In the absence of Professor de Sumichrast, French 8 and 18 will be omitted, and French 6 will be conducted by Mr. Brun. In the Department of Romance Languages Professor Norton will give up his course in Dante, and Professor Grandgent will conduct the course as Italian 10. Comparative Literature 1 will be given next year for the first time since the departure of Professor Marsh. Professor Gates will give a new course on literary criticism since the sixteenth century. Contrary to what has been previously announced, Comparative Literature 5 will be given next year. The Department of Slavic Languages offers a new half course,--an introduction to the history of Russian literature,--which probably will require no knowledge of the Russian language.

In the History Department two new courses are announced, History 28, a half course, on the History of Continental Europe in the seventeenth century, and History 27, on the sources and literature of American history. Both will be given by Professor Channing. A new course in the Economics Department is "Principles of Law in their Application to Industrial Problems,"open to Seniors and Graduates.

Professor James will return next year and conduct Philosophy 6, "on the psychological elements of religious life."

Music 2a," vocal counterpoint," is a new course, supplemental to Music 2.

Mathematics 18, on the elementary theory of Differential Equations, and Mathematics 30, an introduction to partial differential equations, are new half-courses. A full course, Mathematics 29, dealing with non-Euclidean Geometry, is also offered for the first time.

Engineering 40,is a half course in land surveying intended primarily for students in the Bussy Institution