Dean Ames, With a Committee, To Propose a New Plan.

At the last meeting of the Board of Directors of the Co-operative Society the following vote was passed: That in view of Professor Ames's long familiarity with the affairs of the Society and his service as president for more than six years, he be requested, with the aid of such committee as he shall see fit to invite to serve with him, to prepare a plan for the incorporation of the Society, and to advise the Board as to how such plans can best be brought to the consideration of the Society.

Mr. M. A. Sullivan abstained from voting on the motion.

Professor Ames has consented to act and is now preparing a plan and forming a committee to help him in the work.

Last spring the Board of Directors submitted to the Society a plan which provided for its incorporation, but which was defeated by a vote of 241 to 233. The total membership of the Society at the time was over 2,600 or a little over five times the number of votes cast in that election.