Courtney Watches Crews.-Freshman Race on November 18.

Courtney, coach of the Cornell crews, who will watch the work of the Weld and Newell oarsmen this fall, arrived in Cambridge yesterday and in the afternoon followed in the John Harvard the first and second Weld and Newell crews in their practice row. The first, second and third Weld crews will go over the mile and seven-eighths course on a time row this afternoon, and Courtney will follow them in the launch.

The fall race between the Freshman crews of the two clubs will be held on Tuesday, November 18. Three crews from each club will be entered. The proposed system of mile heats has been abandoned, and, as in previous years, one race will be held over the mile and seven-eights course.

Both the graded and Freshman crews have been developing very slowly of late. The Newell graded eights have gained a long even swing, but have gained this at the expense of snap and life. Any attempt to enliven the work is invariably accompanied by a rushed recovery. The men are slow at both ends of the stroke, especially at the finish. This unsatisfactory work is due very largely to repeated absences of the oarsmen; on several days the first crew has not rowed at all.

After the changes made last Monday in the orders of the Weld graded crews, the crews will probably remain substantially the same until the race. Too fast a recover and too slow a turn at the finish are errors common to all the eights, but improvement is expected to result from the recent changes in the boats.

The Freshman crews at both clubs, besides sharing the faults of the graded crews in regard to the recover, show weakness in the stroke through the water. The Newell Freshmen are particularly weak at the finish. The Weld Freshmen are not only weak at the finish, but wash the oars out in the middle of the stroke; altogether they seem appreciably less advanced in development than their rivals at the Newell. The chief cause of their slow progress is the lazy irregularity of their work, although there seems to be added to this an unusual inability to master the rudiments of watermanship.

The orders yesterday were as follows:

First Newell Graded-Stroke, Brigham; 7, R. D. Swaim; 6, Foster; 5, Haycock; 4, L. Swaim; 3, Locke; 2, Phillips; bow, James; cox., Green.

Second Newell Graded-Stroke, Webster; 7, Peabody; 6, Lamson; 5, Pierce; 4, Palmer; 3, Stockton; 2, Durfee; bow, Hull; cox., Chapin.

Third Newell Graded-Stroke, Stevens; 7, Bard; 6, James; 5, White; 4, Perkins; 3, Otis; 2, Coleman; bow, Bryant; cox., Lewis.

Fourth Newell Graded-Stroke, Gale; 7, Olney; 6, Wemple; 5, Nutting; 4, Whittemore; 3, Nash; 2, Merrill; bow, Kracke.

First Newell Freshman-Stroke, Chandler; 7, Flint; 6, Sabine; 5, Kellogg; 4, Switzer; 3, Cabot; 2, Shepard; bow, Zanetti; cox., Williams.

Second Newell Freshman-Stroke, Lounsbury; 7, Magruder; 6, Amory; 5, Barrows; 4, Gilbert; 3, Moriarty; 2, Whitney; bow, Wilbur; cox., Hall.

Third Newell Freshman-Stroke, Reed; 7, Storms; 6, Whitney; 5, Head; 4, Smither; 3, R. Withington; 2, Ames; bow, Mansfield; cox., Boyd.

First Weld Graded-Stroke, Wolcott; 7, Hartwell; 6. Brooks; 5, George; 4, Greenough; 3, Maltby; 2, Sanger; bow, Dillingham; cox., Chase.

Second Weld Graded-Stroke, Richmond; 7, Lindsley; 6, McLeod; 5, Abbott; 4, Hanford; 3, Derby; 2, de Rham; bow, Johnson; cox., Whitney.

First Weld Freshman-Stroke, Sould; 7, Burchard; 6, Shepard; 5, Holland; 4, McIntyre; 3, Corlett; 2, Gibson; bow, Plumb; cox., Borden.

Second Weld Freshman-Stroke, Moses; 7, Judd; 6, Field; 5, Woodbridge; 4, Burnett; 3, Towne; 2, Delano; bow, Schnedecker; cox., Everett.