Tournament to be Held in New York in the Vacation.-Schedule of Matches.

The eleventh annual intercollegiate chess tournament between Harvard, Yale, Princeton and Columbia will be held during the Christmas recess at the Columbia Grammar School, 34 and 36 East Fifty-first street, New York.

Play will begin on Monday, December 29, at 1 o'clock, and the tournament will continue for three days, the hours of play each day being from 1 to 6 and from 8 to 10 o'clock. Fifty cents admission will be charged, and tickets good for six entrances will be put on sale at the door for $2.00 apiece.

The schedule has been arranged as follows:


Monday, December 29-Columbia vs. Princeton; Harvard vs. Yale.

Tuesday, December 30-Columbia vs. Harvard; Yale vs. Princeton.


Wednesday, December 31-Columbia vs. Yale; Harvard vs. Princeton.

The teams are made up in the following order:

Harvard-C. T. Rice 2G., P. W. Bridgman '04, W. G. Clerk 1G., P. S. Estes '04. Substitutes-L. P. Carr '04, C. French '06.

Yale-J. F. Sawin '04, E. B. Adams '04, E. B. Hull '05, N. C. Hull '03. Substitutes-C. H. Owen '05, A. Sandiford '04.

Princeton-C. S. Richardson '03, J. H. Hankinson '03, L. G. Bissell '04, A. J. Pilgram P.G.

Columbia-F. H. Sewall '04, H. A. Keeler '03, G. W. Tucker, Jr., '05, F. B. Barshell '05. Substitutes - B. R. Von Scholly '03, J. Tolchinsky '05.

The drawings are as follows:

Monday-Sewall, C. vs Richardson, P.; Keeler, C. vs. Hankinson, P.; Tucker, C. vs. Bissell, P.; Barshell, C. vs. Pilgram, P.; Rice, H. vs. Sawin, Y.; Bridgman, H. vs. Adams, Y.; Clerk, H. vs. E. B. Hull, Y.; Estes, H. vs. N. C. Hull, Y.

Tuesday - Rice, H. vs. Sewall, C.; Bridgman, H. vs. Keeler, C.; Clerk, H. vs. Tucker, C.; Estes, H. vs. Barshell, C.; Sawin, Y. vs. Richardson, P.; Adams, Y. vs. Hankinson, P.; E. B. Hull, Y. vs. Bissell, P.; N. C. Hull, Y. vs. Pilgram, P.

Wednesday-Sewall, C. vs. Sawin, Y.; Keeler, C. vs. Adams, Y.; Tucker, C. vs. E. B. Hull, Y.; Barshell, C. vs. N. C. Hull, Y.; Rice, H. vs. Richardson, P.; Bridgman, H. vs. Hankinson, P.; Clerk, H. vs. Bissell, P.; Estes, H. vs. Pilgram, P.

The winning team will hold the intercollegiate cup for one year, and in addition each member of the team will receive a silver medal with his name and the date of the game inscribed upon it.

Of the previous tournaments, Harvard has won six, Columbia three, and Yale one.