Programme of the Prince's Visit to Boston and Cambridge Officially Announced.

The Mayor of Boston yesterday officially announced the programme of Prince Henry's visit to Boston and Cambridge as follows:

The Prince will arrive at the Huntington avenue station, coming from Niagara Falls, at 10 a. m., on March 6. He will be received there by the Mayor, and will drive with his escort to Hotel Somerset, where he will receive the Governor, the President of Harvard and other officials. At 10.45 he will drive to the State House, to call on the Governor. He will call on the Mayor at the Public Library, and will then drive to the house of Mrs. John L. Gardner in the Fens.

At 1 o'clock the Prince will leave Boston to visit Cambridge. At 1.30 he will arrive at Memorial Hall escorted by lancers, and at 1.45 will call on President Eliot. At 2 luncheon will be given by the Harvard Corporation to the officers of the University in honor of the Prince. At 3 there will be a meeting in the Union, with short speeches. At 4 the Prince will inspect the Gymnasium and the University buildings and clubs. He will then attend a reception of the Germanic Museum Association at Professor Munsterberg's house. At 5.30 he will leave for Boston.

At 7.30 a dinner will be given for the Prince by the City of Boston at the Somerset. The Prince will leave for Albany at 2 a.m.