The Monthly.

Most of the prose articles in the April number of the Monthly deal with the recent visit of Prince Henry to the University and with the interest in Germanic art and letters which this visit and the Emperor's gift to the Germanic Museum may be supposed to have aroused. The speeches delivered and the poem read to Prince Henry in the Union, together with the Prince's own speech and the telegram of the Emperor, are printed on the first pages of the Monthly; as records they are interesting and will become increasingly so.

"The Germanic Museum and the Gift of the German Emperor," by Professor von Jagemann, reviews the history of the attempt to found the Museum and describes the works of art which will be represented in the Emperor's gift. The longest article in the Monthly is "The Modern Lyric Poetry of Germany," by Ernest Bernbaum. Pleasantly written, and illustrated by quotations from the poems reviewed, the essay is not only the most exhaustive, but also the most suggestive and valuable work in the magazine. "German Languages and Literatures," by Mr. W. G. Howard, and "Scandinavian at Harvard," by Dr. W. S. Schofield, complete the list of articles dealing with Germanic subjects.

Besides the poem "To The Tenton People," read at the reception to Prince Henry in the Union, the poetry in the Monthly includes "The Child," by H. W. Holmes; "Spring Song," by J. W. Helburn, and "The Death of Clairenil, Governor," by H. S. Pollard. With the possible exception of the last, any of these might be left out without decreasing the sum of literature in the number.

Several editorials and excellent book-reviews conclude the contents of the magazine.