The Advocate.

A successful attempt to supply a much needed sort of undergraduate literature--light humor in verse and prose--marks the last number of the Advocate. Stories of that too common type, describing the piquant adventures of a conventional hero and heroine, have happily been passed by in favor of others which are frankly intended to be amusing and nothing more.

Two stories of this kind. "The Reincarnation of Freddy" by F. R. Little, and "Sonnet Writing Exposed," by S. Greenfield, deserve special notice. The former, told in a happy-go-lucky style with frequent touches of humor, holds the interest of the reader till the end. The latter, a serio-comic essay with a good deal of truth mixed in, not only has the value of much wit, but takes hold of a live college topic.

The same may be said for "Lines Written in Agitation," signed Ezra Ridd. Moreover few pieces of verse which the Advocate has lately printed have had half its spontaneity.

Other contributions are "Vae Victis," by T. Ybarra; "Miss Warner's Bet," unsigned; "To Science," by L. H. Schoff; "The Sapphire," by A. D. Ficke; "Billy," by D. B.; "An Unfinished Sermon," by A. W. Page; and "A Leather-covered Botany" by M. K. Hart.

An editorial on eligibility rules, and one on undergraduate salutations to professors in the University, complete the number.