Work of the Nine Encouraging.--Fielding Quick and Accurate.

The University nine defeated Brown yesterday in an interesting game by a score of 8 to 1. The warm weather was favorable to fast playing and the fielding of both teams showed the effects of it.

On the whole the work of the team was the most encouraging shown so far this season. Brown did not play her best pitcher, because of having used him against Dartmouth on Tuesday; and owing to this and to the increased aggressiveness at the bat Harvard made twelve hits, scoring two earned runs, and profited greatly by Brown's six errors. The fielding, with the exception of two errors, was lively and sure. The men did good work in stealing bases; but at least two runs were lost by failing to come home on outfield flies.

Carr played well at third base, throwing a man out at the plate at a critical moment, and at the bat drawing a base on balls and making three hits. Wendell accepted his one chance in left field, and made a hit and one sacrifice. Clarkson had but one chance in centre field, and got two hits, making a drive over centre fielder's head for three bases when men were on second and third.

Stillman held Brown down to three hits, but lost control in the eighth, letting in Brown's one run by a wild pitch. His batting was weak. Randall made a bad error at first, getting down on his knee and thus failing to stop an easy ground ball. H. D. Kernan played a fast game in the field, catching, long fly into right, and fielding it well to first base. At the bat he made one hit. Skilton played a clean game at second, and showed improvement in his batting. R. P. Kernan did not hold Stillman well, but threw to bases in good form, not allowing a single steal. Greenough played well considering that this was his first game. He made one of Harvard's two errors, and failed to hit safely; but succeeded in hitting the ball every time he came to bat.

The scoring was done in the third, fifth and eighth innings. Carr opened the third inning by a hit, and reached second on a passed ball, and third on an error by Foulder, on which Wendell reached first. Wendell stole second, and both scored on Clarkson's three base hit. Clarkson came home on a hit by Randall, who was forced out at second by H. D. Kernan, who in turn came home on Skilton's three base hit between centre and right field.

In the fifth, Stillman reached first on a base on balls, was advanced to second on a sacrifice by Randall, took third on a grounder from H. D. Kernan, and scored when the left fielder dropped a fly from Skilton. Skilton reached second on the same play, gained third on an error by the third baseman, and came home on an error by Gray. Carr opened the eighth inning with a hit, was advanced to second by a sacrifice from Wendell, took third on a ground ball from Clarkson, and scored on an error by Woodsum. Stillman reached first on the same error and came home on a two-base hit by Randall.

An error by shortstop and a wild pitch by Stillman gave Brown her one run in- the eighth inning, brought in by Mackinney.

The summary:

HARVARD.  a.b.  r.  b.h.  p.o.  a.  e.Carr, 3b.  4  2  3  1  2  0Wendell, l.f.  4  1  1  1  0  0Clarkson, c.f.  5  1  2  1  0  0Stillman, p.  4  2  0  3  2  0Randall, lb.  4  0  3  11  1  1H. D. Kernan, r.f.  5  1  1  2  0  0Skilton, 25.  4  1  1  1  3  0R. P. Kernan, c.  4  0  1  7  2  0Greenough, s.s.  4  0  0  0  1  1Totals.  38  8  12  27  11  2BROWN.  a.b.  r.  b.h.  p.o.  a.  c.Foulder, 3b.  4  0  0  1  1  2Gray, 2b,  4  0  0  1  4  1Phillips, c.  4  0  0  3  0  0Clifford, r.f.  4  0  0  0  0  0Woodsum, s.s.  4  0  0  1  4  1Barry, c.f.  3  0  0  4  0  0Belding, lb.  3  0  1  12  0  0Mackinney, l.f.  3  1  1  1  0  2Leland, p.  2  0  1  1  4  0Totals.  31  1  3  24  13