Metropolitan Regatta Postponed,

Owing to the rough water yesterday morning on the Charles, the Metropolitan Regatta could not be held and was postponed until Saturday at 1.

An attempt was made in the morning to row the Junior four-oars, but both shells were swamped. About seven o'clock, however, the water became smoother and the Weld and Newell Junior eights, which were the only entries in their event, were permitted to row their race over the 1 1-2 mile course.

The two crews were even at the bridge although the Weld showed superior form but from there to the finish it went to pieces and the Newell won by about three lengths in 8 minutes and 18 seconds. The special race between the eights from Stone's School and Worcester High School was also rowed and resulted in a victory for Stone's by about 10 feet in 8 minutes and 17 seconds. The Junior four-oar event between Stone's and the Weld Junior crew will be rowed this afternoon.

The order of the Newell Junior eight was as follows: Stroke, Stevens; 7, James; 6, Perkins; 5, Bard; 4, Ames; 3, Fox; 2, Dill; bow, Otis; cox., Lewis.