Crew Near Final Form.

Although the shifting of the University oarsmen continued yesterday, there seems at last to be a fixed University crew in sight. The crews rowed again without coaching as Dr. Hutchinson was unable to come to Cambridge in the morning, as was expected, and Mr. Higginson did not appear in the afternoon. The changes were wholly for the purpose of finally testing the prospective strokes, who appear to have been thinned out to include only Bullard, McGrew and Brownell.

The crews left the Boathouse in the following orders:

First--Stroke, Bullard; 7, Bancroft; 6, Shuebruk; 5, Ayer; 4, Gregg; 3 Smith; 2, Swift; bow, James; cox., Jackson.

Second--Stroke, McGrew; 7, Colby; 6, Foster; 5, Francis; 4, Derby; 3, Phillips; 2, Brownell; bow, Covel; cox., Ivy.

In three or four stretches to the Longwood bridge, the second crew gained slightly on the first, rowing a lower stroke. Bullard and McGrew then changed seats and on the way upstream McGrew again drove his crew ahead. Bullard then went in at seven in the first boat, Brownell moving to stroke in the second. Bancroft moved from seven to three in the first, replacing Smith who took Brownell's former place at two in the second boat.

Shortly after these changes, the second crew went into the Boat-house, and Brownell was tried at stroke in the first boat in place of McGrew, for a short stretch upstream and back.

Today a definite first crew will probably be picked. After yesterday's rowing it seems as if McGrew will undoubtedly be first choice for stroke. Bullard has done good work during the short time that he has rowed in this position, but he is a more valuable man in the waist of the boat. Brownell is also a good stroke, but his distance is two miles and it is felt that he would shorten the stroke in the last two miles of a four mile race. McGrew has always been able to drive a crew well, and has improved since the beginning of the season in his beat and in getting a quick catch.