Honorary Degrees Conferred.

The University conferred the following honorary degrees at Commencement in June.

Honorary Masters of Arts--John Himes Arnold, librarian of the Law School since 1872; Herbert Langford Warren, Professor of architecture at Harvard University; Francis Blake, successful inventor and promoter of science; Charles Proteus Steinmetz, the foremost expert in applied electricity of this country; Walter Reed, graduate of medicine of the University of Virginia, the army surgeon who planned in Cuba the experiments which have given control of yellow fever.

Doctors of Divinity--James Edward Wright '61, minister at Montpelier for thirty-three years; Edward Henry Hall '51, army chaplain in the civil war, pastor and preacher; Morgan Dix, for forty years rector of the Trinity parish in New York City.

Doctors of Laws--Thomas Jefferson Coolidge '84, lately minister to the French Republic; Addison Brown '52, judge and botanist; John Hay, successful diplomatist; Theodore Roosevelt '80, President of the United States.