Tablet for Hollis Hall.

A bronze tablet for Hollis Hall has been prepared by the Memorial Society and will be placed on the front wall as soon as the weather permits. The tablet, which is thirty-seven inches in length and twenty-two and one-half inches in breath, is to be secured in the brick wall near the south end of the front of the building between the second and third stories. The Memorial Society has already placed a Memorial tablet on Massachusetts Hall and it is planned to provide similar tablets for Stoughton and Holworthy Halls in the near future. The tablet for Hollis Hall bears the following inscription:


Built by the Province of Massachusetts Bay in New England, in 1763. Named in honor of Thomas Hollis of London, merchant, and other members of the same family, constant and generous benefactors of Harvard College from 1719 to 1804. Used as barracks by colonial troops in 1775-76.

At the bottom of the tablet following the inscription is the seal of the Memorial Society.