Appointments by the Corporation.

At the last meeting of the Corporation the following appointments were made for one year from September 1, 1903:

Instructor in mathematics and surveying, C. Gilman.

Assistants: In chemistry -- F. V. Barstow, W. Bellamy, L. Clarke, C. Dill, H. L. Frovert, J. A. Gibson, R. C. Griffin, R. F. Jackson, B. S. Lacy, L. H. Schoff, P. Wheeler, A. D. Wyman; in French and Spanish--E. L. Adams, F. W. Morrison; in French and Italian--F. W. Snow; in history--H. Bingham, H. R. Shipman, L. LeG. Burley, R. G. Wellington; in government--H. C. Jones, M. G. Beaman, S. Blaikie, W. G. Barr; in German--L. A. E. Ahlers, F. Hagens.

Austin teaching fellow in history, W. J. Shepard.

Steward of the Randall Hall Association, C. J. Ramsdell.