Scrub Football Games.

In the scrub football series the Shysters defeated the Squalin' Geese yesterday afternoon on Soldiers Field by the score of 10 to 6. The Galoots defaulted to the Slumberers.

At 4 o'clock this afternoon the Skin and Bones team will play the Hurdlers on the north field of Soldiers Field.

The Galoots and Anheuser Busch teams have disbanded and will forfeit their games. Owing to this change the schedule of games has been rearranged in order to allow the class teams to start practice as early as possible. The new schedule follows:

Oct. 22.--Skin and Bones vs. Hurdlers.

Oct. 23.--Handballs vs. Slumberers; Climbers vs. Shysters.

Oct. 26.--Skin and Bones vs. Slumbers; Handballs vs. Hurdlers.

Oct. 27.--Squalin' Geese vs. Climbers.

Oct. 28.--Slumberers vs. Hurdlers.

Oct. 30.--Winners of Section 1 vs. winners of Section 2.

The division into sections was printed in the CRIMSON of October 17.