Larned and Wright are Not Entered by Princeton.

HAVERFORD, PA., October 5.--There was no play today on account of the continuation of the international cricket match in progress on the grounds of the Merion Cricket Club.

Drawings for the intercollegiate tennis tournament will be made tomorrow morning and play will begin immediately if the weather permits.

Following are the entries in doubles: Harvard--B. S. Prentice '05 and J. I. B. Larned '05, R. Bishop 3L. and C. L. Cole 3L.; Yale--C. E. Clapp and R. Colston, C. W. Cole and A. H. Lewis; Haverford--C. G. Lee and F. D. Godley; Columbia--W. J. McLaughlin and L. E. Mahan, W. Buckley and A. E. Thurber; Princeton--B. Randall and L. Lammis, A. Thompson and H. Batten; Cornell--Rhodes and Duthiert.

The same men are entered in singles, and in addition: K. Behr, Yale, and H. Doughton, Haverford.

Neither Larned nor Wright will play for Princeton. The absence of these two players from the tournament will materially improve Harvard's chances of winning.