Corporation Meeting.

At the last meeting of the Corporation the following business was accomplished:

The title of Dr. G. A. Craigin '85 in the Department of Pediatrics was changed from Assistant, to Clinical Instructor.

The following leaves of absence were granted: to Professor J. H. Beale '82, from April 1, 1904, to June 15, 1904, to continue his temporary service as Dean of the Law School of the University of Chicago; to Professor F. W. Putnam '62, from January 1, 1904, to April 1, 1904, to continue his supervision of archaeological and ethnological instruction and research at the University of California.

It was voted to establish four George H. Emerson Scholarships in the Lawrence Scientific School; one in each of the Departments of Zoology, Geology, Mineralogy, and Chemistry, with a stipend of $225 each.

Notice was received that on the recommendation of the Department of Zoology, Dr. A. Petrunkewitsch had been authorized by the Faculty of Arts and Sciences to give in the second half-year a course of lectures on Cytology.


The following appointments were made for one year from September 1, 1903:

Assistants--In Chemistry, H. A. Carlton '02, H. Hardenbergh '04, G. S. Forbes '02; in Education, H. W. Holmes '03; in Philosophy, R. E. Parks '02; in Anatomy, Dr. S. Robinson '98; in Histology and Embryology, Dr. W. T. Bailey; in Pathology, Dr. W. R. Brinckerhoff '97; in Pediatrics, Dr. C. H. Dunn '96.

Curator of Modern English Literature at the College Library, from September 1, 1903, E. H. Wells '97.

Fellow of the Cercle Francais de I'Universite Harvard, for one year from September 1, 1903, Robert C. Duponey.

Assistant in the College office, from September 1, 1903, H. P. Williams '03.