Intercollegiate Match with Princeton and Pennsylvania Won by Close Score

The annual intercollegiate shoot, held at Wellington on Saturday, was won by Harvard. Princeton was second, and the University of Pennsylvania third. The conditions for accurate shooting were very favorable as there was no wind and the air was clear. Princeton was ahead till the last two rounds when Harvard tied the score through brilliant shooting by Bancroft and Ingalls, and then won by the score of 40 to 35, the deciding additional round of ten birds for each man. The best individual score was that of Bancroft of Harvard, who broke forty-five birds out of a possible fifty, and ten birds out of ten in the shoot-off. J. Hinckley took Forbes's place in the final round.

The scores follow:

Harvard--Bancroft, 45; Ingalls, 42; Wright, 42; Forbes, 34; Marsalis, 32. Total, 195.

Princeton--Pell, 42; Pardoe, 39; Stutesman, 39; Gaines, 38; Archer, 37. Total, 195.

Pennsylvania--Longnecker, 41; Koons, 41; Adams, 34; Ferrin, 30; Perkins, 30. Total, 176.

Scores in shoot-off:

Harvard--Bancroft, 10; Ingalls, 9; Marsalis, 8; Wright, 7; Hinckley, 6. Total, 40.

Princeton--Archer, 8; Stutesman, 8; Gaines, 7; Pardoe, 7; Pell, 5. Total, 35.