First and Second Crews Row at 4; Third and Fourth Crews at 3.30.

The annual fall races between the graded crews of the Weld and Newell Boat Clubs will be held this afternoon over the regular mile and seven-eighths course, starting at the Longwood Bridge and finishing at the Union Boat Club. The races will be in two sections, with four crews in each section. In the first section, starting at 3.30 o'clock, will be the third and fourth crews of each club; in the second, starting at 4, will be the first and second crews. Any crew which fails to be on the starting line at the appointed time will not be allowed to row.

Wray and Vail will be the timers for the race, and H. G. Dillingham '04 will be referee. The judges at the finish will be N. Wigglesworth '05 and M. H. Ivy '04.

The drawings for positions in the races have resulted as follows:


Section 1, taken in order from the Beacon street wall--Weld fourth, Newell fourth, Weld third, Newell third.

Section 2, taken in the same order--Weld second, Weld first, Newell first, Newell second.


The races, especially those of the first section, ought to be very close. Taken as a whole, the Newell crews row fairly well together, but have not much leg drive. The Weld crews have a tendency to rush their slides, and do not keep good time.

The orders in which the crews will row are as follows:

Weld First Graded--Stroke, Pleasanton; 7, Lawson; 6, Ober; 5, Gill; 4, Shepard; 3, Johnson; 2, Judd; bow, Corlett; cox., Borden.

Weld Second Graded--Stroke, Hanford; 7, Eaves; 6, Brown; 5, Abbot; 4, Callaway; 3, May; 2, MacIntyre; bow, Joralemon; cox., Risley.

Weld Third Graded--Stroke, Fields; 7, Tuckerman; 6, Cunningham; 5, Wilcox; 4, Taylor; 3, Morgan; 2, Burnett; bow, Burden; cox., Everett.

Weld Fourth Graded--Stroke, Black; 7, Hall; 6, Forbes; 5, Harter; 4, Kempner; 3, Mills; 2, Hale; bow, Howes; cox., Rockwell.

Newell First Graded--Stroke, Foster; 7, Flint; 6, White; 5, Moller; 4, Durfee; 3, Switzer; 2, James; bow, Olney; cox., Greene.

Newell Second Graded--Stroke, Chandler; 7, Leaycraft; 6, Lamson; 5, Otis; 4, Webster; 3, Hopkins; 2, Preston; bow, Stockton; cox., Montgomery.

Newell Third Graded--Stroke, Amory; 7, Shepard; 6, Oelrichs; 5, Stevens; 4, Lindsay; 3, Waldo; 2, Bird; bow, Fargo; cox., Ogilby.

Newell Fourth Graded--Stroke, Whittemore; 7, Darling; 6, Osterhandt; 5, Barclay; 4, Belcher; 3, Holmes; 2, Head; bow, H. Foster; cox., Baldwin.