In Gymnasium Tonight.--Winning Team to Fence Exhibition Bout.

The interclass fencing tournament will be held on the floor of the Gymnasium at 8 o'clock this evening. Each team will be composed of three men, each man to fence every other man on the opposing team. The bouts will be fought in two sections: 1904 will fight 1905 on one strip, and 1906 will fight 1907 on the other. The winning team from each section will fight in the final round for the class championship. A team from the Law School will then fence an unofficial round with the winning team.

The teams will be composed as follows:

1904--A. Tyng, (captain), S. W. Fenno, G. Dolley.

1905--W. MacLeod, (captain), R. E. Daniels, L. Sargent or L. Sumner.

1906--J. R. Nichols, (captain), W. M. Wright, R. Merrill.

1907--C. E. Nichols, (captain), W. F. Low, R. E. Gish.

The judges will be Mr. Sewall Cabot, Mr. J. F. Powers, Dr. W. F. Allen of the B. A. A.; Mr. J. T. Shaw of the B. Y. M. C. A.; H. J. Elam 3L.; and H. W. Holmes 1G.