French Play a Success.

The first presentation of Beaumarchais' "Le Barbier de Seville" was given by the Cercle Francais last night in Brattle Hall. The play is perhaps the most difficult yet attempted by the Cercle Francais, and their rendering of it was upon the whole satisfactory. The rapid dialogue and swift action of the play were well executed, and the intonations and gestures in nearly every case admirably assisted in the portrayal of the characters.

The work of the ensemble was of a higher standard than in the past, and several of the leading parts were exceptionally well rendered.

T. V. Blanchet '05 as Bartholo, was excellent. P. G. Henderson '05 as Rosine intelligently performed a most difficult part. The Don Bazile of K. H. Gibson '04, was satisfactory in every respect, and the same may be said of the studied portrayal of Count Almaviva by W. M. Shohl '06. O. L. Mills '05 as Figaro, lacked self confidence and hardly realized the possibilities of his part.

Many of the scenes were remarkably well done, notably that between Bartholo and Rosine when the former's wide-awake jealousy manifests itself. The best praise which can be given the players is that they succeeded in keeping their audience interested and amused throughout the performance.

The first public performance of the play will be given in Brattle Hall tomorrow evening at 8 o'clock.