1904 Defeats 1906 in Shoot.

The first of the three shoots between the 1904 and the 1906 teams to decide the interclass championship took place at the gun club house on Soldiers Field yesterday afternoon and was won by the 1904 team in a close match by a score of 159 to 151. The individual scores were as follows:

1904--F. Ingalls, 40; W. M. Wright, 32; G. Forbes, 45; T. L. Marsalis, 42. Total, 159.

1906--J. W. Bell, 37; C. W. Wickersham, 38; E. B. Hayward, 37; J. Hinckley, 39. Total, 151.

The second shoot of the series will be held on Monday, and the third next Thursday. Silver cups will be awarded to the members of the team winning two out of the three matches.