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Events and Entries for B.A.A. Meet


The fourteenth annual indoor open handicap track meet of the Boston Athletic Association will be held in Mechanics' Hall, Boston, on Saturday evening, February 14, at 7.30 o'clock. The events will be as follows: Special events--Two mile run; invitation 40 yards dash. Novice events--440 yards run: 40 yards dash. Handicap events--40 yards dash; 600 yards dash; 45 yards low hurdle race; one mile run: putting 16 pound shot; high jump; 3 standing jumps.

Members of the University have entered as follows:

Invitation 40 yards dash--W. A. Schick, Jr., '05, M. Williams '06, J. E. Haigh '03, M. T. Lightner '03.

440 yards run (novice)--R. W. Robbins 1L., E. K. Thurlow '06.

40 yards dash (novice)--E. K. Thurlow '06, M. L. Sampliner '06, B. K. Stephenson '06, R. T. Henshaw '04, E. C. Smith '04, L. W. Barnard '05, B. D. M. Greene '06.

40 yards dash (open)--D. G. Saunders '06, W. P. Henneberry '06, R. W. Robbins 1L., M. L. Sampliner '06, S. C. Smith '03, W. M. Hurd '04, W. A. Clark '06, B. K. Stephenson '06, W. A. Schick, Jr., '05, L. W. Barnard '05, B. D. M. Greene '06, F. J. W. Ford '04, A. H. Burns '06, S. C. Smith '03, F. E. Shirk '06, P. L. Dole '06.

45 yards low hurdles--A. Peterson '04, C. P. Whorf '05.

1000 yards run--P. L. Dole '06, J. H. Stone '04.

Mile run--R. E. Cropley '06, R. C. Ware '04, W. F. Conant '04, H. W. Purcell '05.

Putting 16 pound shot--C. H. Robinson '04, F. H. Schoenfuss '04, J. A. Burke '04.

High jump--R. Robeson '05, J. M. Rothwell '05, O. J. Ives '03, A. Derby '03, F. F. de Rham '05, I. E. Tufts '03, R. P. Kernan '03

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