Americans Defeated in the One Finished Game of International Chess Match.

The first day's play in the fifth annual cable chess match between Oxford and Cambridge, and Harvard, Yale, Princeton and Columbia resulted slightly in favor of the English universities. This was due to the resignation of Sawin (Y.) to Davidson (O.) The other five games were left unfinished in an almost even condition.

The American team played at the Boston Athletic Association club house; the English team, at the Criterion Restaurant, London. The American team won the toss and chose the white men on the odd boards thus securing first moves. The games were arranged as follows:

1. C. T. Rice 2G. (H.) vs. Webb (Camb.)

2. F. H. Sewall (Col.) vs. Bateman (Camb.)

3. J. F. Sawin (Y.) vs. Davidson (O.), won by Davidson.

4. C. S. Richardson (P.) vs. Roome (O.)

5. H. A. Keeler (Col.) vs. Bumpus (O.)

6. P. W. Bridgman '04 (H.) vs. Brown (Camb.)

The match will be finished today. The American team will play, as yesterday, at the Boston Athletic Association from 10 a. m. to 2 p. m. and from 3 p. m. to 6 p. m. Cards of admission may be obtained at Leavitt's, at the Union, and at the Boston Athletic Association.