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To be Rowed Down-Stream at 4.30.--Consolation Race at 4.


The final race for the class rowing championship will take place downstream over the regular mile and seven-eights course at 4.30 o'clock this afternoon. The Law School crew and the four Weld class crews are entered. A consolation race, for the crews that lost the preliminary class races on Tuesday and Wednesday, will be rowed over the same course at 4 o'clock. The crews entered are the first and second Newell Seniors, the Newell Sophomores, Freshmen, and second Weld Freshmen.

F. L. Higginson, Jr., '00 will act as referee, and R. A. Derby '05 and A. Hemenway, Jr., '05 will judge at the finish. The other officials will be appointed today.

The championship race will probably be the closest and most exciting of the series, for all the Weld crews are remarkably well matched. The ability of the Law School crew cannot be determined in advance, as it has not yet rowed in any race. The Seniors are the smoothest and best together of the class crews and may be depended upon to make a good showing in the race. The Freshmen appear to be their most formidable opponents, for a short while ago they defeated both the Seniors and the Juniors in a mile brush. Their lack of experience, however, may prove a serious handicap to them. The consolation race will probably go to the first Newell Seniors as they are better together and have more life than any of their opponents.

The orders of the crews in the interclass race:

Weld Seniors--Stroke, S. H. Wolcott; 7, Hartwell; 6, Derby; 5, Bent; 4, Greenough; 3, Ernst; 2, Roberts; bow, George; cox., Kelley.

Weld Juniors--Stroke, Dillingham; 7, Minturn; 6, Sanger; 5, Bleakie; 4, Lindsley; 3, Lloyd; 2, Macomber; bow, de Rham; cox., Swan.

Weld Sophomores--Stroke, Richmond; 7, Lawson; 6, Ober; 5, Abbott; 4, Deming; 3, Eayrs; 2, Joy; bow, Johnson; cox., Chase.

Weld Freshmen--Stroke, Filley; 7, Gill; 6, Pleasanton; 5, Hollingsworth; 4, Shepard; 3, Corlett; 2, Hyde; bow, Judd; cox., Borden.

Law School--Stroke, Brigham; 7, Swaim; 6, Colby; 5, Duffy; 4, Howe; 3, Marvin; 2, Brooks; bow, Morse; cox., Bonelli '06.

The orders of the crews in the consolation race:

First Newell Seniors--Stroke, Stevens, McGrew; 7, James; 6, McGrew, Stevens; 5, Haycock; 4, Foster; 3, W. P. Wolcott; 2, Stone; bow, Boardman; cox., Litchfield.

Second Newell Seniors--Orders not decided.

Newell Sophomores--Stroke, Webster; 7, Swaim; 6, Tew; 5, Locke; 4, Hall; 3, Leaycraft; 2, James; bow, Stockton; cox., Lewis.

Newell Freshmen--Stroke, White; 7, Kellogg; 6, Guild; 5, Moller; 4, Sabine; 3, Flint; 2, Switzer; bow, Munro; cox., Williams.

Second Weld Freshmen -- Stroke, Soule; 7, Upton; 6, Clark; 5, Williams; 4, Brown; 3, MacIntyre; 2, Wilcox; bow, Morris; cox., Plumb.

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