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Changes in Courses for 1903-1904.


The pamphlet announcing the courses of instruction for 1903-04 offered by the Faculty of Arts and Sciences will be ready for distribution at the publication office in University Hall, at 2 o'clock this afternoon.

The more important changes and additions follow:

History 1 will no longer be given, but in its place two new full courses will be substituted: History 1a, a course in mediaeval European history conducted by Professor Haskins, and History 1b, an introductory course in modern European history by Assistant Professor A. C. Coolidge. History 1a will not be given next year. Professor Hart will give History 13, on the constitutional and political history of the United States, formerly given by Professor Channing. Professor Haskins will give a new research course, History 20c, on institutions of continental Europe in the middle ages.

Professor Haskins will give for the first time Government 5, a course on the Roman law. Professor Macvane will give Government 4, on elements of international law, in place of Professor Strobel, who will be in Siam.

Twenty-one of the twenty-two courses given this year in classical philology will be replaced by twenty-six new courses, and the Seminary, conducted by Professors Morgan and Howard, will be in charge of Professors Smith and H. W. Smyth. Professor Morgan will also give during the first half-year a course of fifteen lectures on the history of classical studies.

Professor Toy, who is abroad on his sabbatical year, will resume his courses in Semitic languages and history.

Two new courses have been added in Indic Philology; 9, a half course in Sanskrit by Professor Lanman, and 11, a half course on the Sanskrit drama, by Dr. Ryder.

Four new courses in Greek are offered: 16, a course in Greek literature, by Assistant Professor Harris; 13, a half-course in Greek Philosophy, by Associate Professor C. P. Parker; 14, a half-course in Greek literature, Lucian and his times, by Professor Gulick; 12, a history of classical Greek literature, by Professor H. W. Smyth.

There will be four new courses on Latin literature, and its history. Course 15, on the works of Virgil will be discontinued.

Professor Wendell, who is spending his sabbatical year abroad, will return and give the following English courses: 31, a composition course; 28, 32b, and 15, half-courses in English literature; 20h, a research course in the literary history of America. Mr. Copeland will give a new half-course, English 45, on the lives and characters of men of letters. Course 44, a new half-course on Chaucer will be given by Professor Kittredge.

Dr. M. A. Potter will give Comparative Literature 8, a new course on the general characteristics of epic poetry.

Professor G. H. Moore will give History of Religions 1 an introduction to the study of religion.

Professor James will give Philosophy 20c, a seminary course, in place of Professor Royce and Dr. R. C. Cabot.

Fine Arts 3 and 20a will be discontinued. A new course, 20d, by Dr. Chase, will be substituted for 20a.

Assistant Professor Spalding will give two new courses in Music: 1a, an advanced course in harmony, and 2, a course in counterpoint.

Three new courses will be given in mathematics: 32, a course on celestial mechanics, by Mr. Whittemore; 7c, a half-course on the application of tetrahedral co-ordinates to quadric surfaces and 21b, a half-course on the calculus of finite differences, both by Professor J. M. Peirce.

Two new courses in astronomy are added: 4, a half-course on spherical astronomy, by Mr. J. F. Cole, and 5, a full course on practical astronomy, by Assistant Professor Willson.

Assistant Professor Hughes will have charge of the engineering courses given this year by Mr. D. L. Turner. He will give also a new half-course, 4f, in railroad engineering.

Assistant Professor Ward will give a new half-course, Geology 2, on the climatalogy of the United States.

Anthropology 8, a new half-course on American Indian languages, will be given by Dr. Dixon.

Professor Goodwin, in collaboration with Professor J. H. Wright, will give Greek 8, a survey of Greek philosophy from Thales to Aristotle.

Professor Taussig, who, on account of ill health, was unable to give his courses this year, will resume his courses, Economics 1, 2, 7b, and 20c.

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