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From 10 to 5 in Union.--Annual Business Meeting Tonight at 7.30.


The annual election of officers and members of committees of the Union will take place today. The election will be conducted under the Australian ballot system and no voting by proxy will be permitted. The polls will be placed in the corridor of the Union, and will be open from 10 o'clock a. m. until 5 o'clock p. m. The following men have been appointed to take charge of the polls: 10-11, D. K. James '03; 11-12, R. Haycock '03; 12-1, H. F. Phillips '04, S. Blaikie '03; 1-2, A. Black '03, H. E. Kelley '03; 2-3, A. F. Nazro '03; 3-4, J. Jackson '04, C. G. Loring '03; 4-5, C. H. Derby '03, J. A. Burgess '04.

Several men have been nominated for both an office and a committee. All who desire to do so may vote for these men for both positions; and if elected to both, the nominee will accept the office and resign from the committee.

The annual business meeting will be held in the Living Room of the Union this evening at 7.30 o'clock. At this meeting the results of the election will be announced and the reports of the Treasurer, Secretary, and standing committees will be read and acted upon. Any business brought up at this meeting will be open for discussion by all members of the Union. The order of business at the meeting will be:

1. Announcement of result of election.

2. Reports of Standing Committees.

3. Report of Treasurer.

4. Report of Secretary.

5. New Business.

6. Adjournment.

E. B. Krumbhaar '04, has withdrawn his nomination for Secretary. The final list of nominations is as follows:


Major Henry Lee Higginson '55.


J. A. Burgess '04, R. Sanger '04.


R. S. Wallace '04, S. A. Welldon '04.


Undergraduates, seven to be elected--R. R. Alexander '04, A. A. Ballantine '04 J. P. Bowditch '05, C. B. Bradley '04, L. Brown '04, J. A. Burgess '04, J. Daniels '04, R. A. Derby '05, F. A. Goodhue '06, S. N. Hinckley '05, A. Johnson '05s., H. D. Kernan '05s., R. F. Manning '04, R. S. Wallace '04, E. B. Krumbhaar '04.

From the Law School, two to be elected--R. Ernst '03, E. E. Franchot 2L., J. A. Keppelman 2L., B. Wendell, Jr., 2L.

From the Divinity School, one to be elected--W. M. Crane 2Dv., H. A. Weston 1Dv.

From the Graduate School, one to be elected--F. W. Carpenter 3G., G. E. Huggins 2G.

From Departments out of Cambridge, two to be elected--F. L. Burnett 2M., C. Frothingham, Jr., 1M., W. E. Ladd 1M., W. G. Lee 3M.


Undergraduates, five to be elected, at least one from the Scientific School--R. M. Bleakie '04s., J. A. Burke '04, B. de N. Cruger '04, D. T. Dunbar '04s., M. H. Ivy '04, C. B. Marshall '04, J. M. Montgomery '06, H. S. Parker '04, R. Sanger '04, J. D. Tew '05s.

From the Law School, one to be elected--W. Catchings 2L., A. N. Rice 2L.

From the Divinity School, one to be elected--W. M. Crane 2Dv., H. A. Weston 2Dv.

From the Graduate School, one to be elected--G. E. Behr 2G., W. F. Blakeslee 4G.

From the Departments out of Cambridge, two to be elected--T. J. Eastman 2M., M. Fabyan 3M., W. L. Holt 2M., C. W. Hoyt 2M., E. P. Richardson 1M., F. B. Talbot 2M.


Seven to be elected, of whom at least three must be graduates: J. H. Hyde '98, W. C. Lane '81, T. Lyman '97, R. B. Merriman '96, E. H. Wells '97, W. R. Bowie '04, A. D. Ficke '04, A. Forbes '04, T. N. Metcalf '04, H. Otis '04, F. D. Roosevelt '04, S. A. Welldon '04, G. O. Winston '04.

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