About 200 Men Take Part.--Some Good Records Made by New Men.

The field day sports held yesterday afternoon on Soldiers Field were very successful. About 200 men took part in the different events which were all scratch except the 440-yards dash and the two-mile run for the Wells and Blakemore cups. The Garcelon-Bremer cups were awarded to the winners of the hurdles.

The winners of the different events were as follows:

100-yards dash--S. T. McCall '03. Time, 10 2-5 s.

120-yards hurdles--J. R. Howard '04. Time, 17 2-5 s.

Mile run--E. Auten '06. Time 5 m. 1 2-5 s.

220-yards hurdles--E. M. Ayer '03. Time, 26 1-5 s.

440-yards run--S. C. Smith '03, 6 yards. Time, 53 s.

880-yards run--P. L. Beckwith '06. Time, 2 m. 8 s.

Two-mile run--H. H. Rowland '06. Time, 10 m. 46 s.

220-yards dash--S. T. McCall '03. Time, 24 s.

Putting 16-pound shot--C. D. Hodges '06. Distance, 35 ft. 8 1-2 in.

Running broad jump--E. H. B. Humphries '03. Distance, 20 ft. 11 in.

Throwing 16-pound hammer--G. W. Thayer '06. Distance, 119 ft. 1 in.

Pole vault--F. Lewis '06. Height, 10 ft.

High jump -- S. W. Winslow '05. Height, 5 ft. 4 in.

Obstacle race--C. A. Taussig 1L.

Pick-a-back race--Won by G. T. Bridgeman '06 and H. Davenport '05.

Three-legged race--W. Mitchell '06 and M. S. O'Riorden '06.