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To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

The object of the new provision by which a man may take his degree in three years "as of" his own class, is to encourage graduation in three years. But the extent of the encouragement afforded thereby is thus far not fully understood. Just what does the "as of" mean? Technically, it means that the diploma is awarded one year, and dated the next--that is, for instance, that a man so receiving his diploma in 1903 would have on it the date 1904.

This is supposed to mean that a man continues his social connection with his own class. Later, the meaning of this continuance of social connection may be questioned in several points--whether a man so graduating may vote and hold office in his class the next year; whether he is entitled to Commencement parts with his own class; whether he is eligible for certain undergraduate prizes, and so on--but just now the specific question that has arisen is, "May he room on the Yard during the year following his taking of the A.B.?" If he may, his social connection with his class will be kept intact; if he may not, it will be considerably weakened. For the object of the recent changes in the assignment of Yard rooms is to make the Yard the centre of undergraduate life, and to make certain dormitories the centre of Senior life. To exclude the three-year man from the Yard is, therefore, to say to him, "You are not an undergraduate. You are not a Senior." What then, will this continuance of social connection with his class mean? What advantages will that catchy little "as of" secure to him? The question is rather a perplexing one. By all means it seems that such three-year men should be allowed to room on the Yard in their fourth year. If the object of the new provision is to encourage graduation in three years by promising to men so graduating continuance of social connection with their class, then make this social connection a reality by allowing these men to live with their class. "1904."

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