On Soldiers Field at 2 o'clock.--Wesleyan Weak at the Bat.

The University baseball team will play Wesleyan this afternoon at 3 o'clock on Soldiers Field.

Early in the season Wesleyan was defeated by Yale, 9 to 2; and last week was twice defeated by Dartmouth, 9 to 5, and 15 to 0. While the fielding of the Wesleyan team is of average quality, the batting is very weak. Chapman, who will pitch for Wesleyan, is rather erratic, and was hit repeatedly in the second Dartmouth game.

The University team has not shown any encouraging development during the past week. The men lack scoring ability. Although the fielding has been fast, the hitting and bunting are still very weak. Both Clarkson and Coburn have shown up well in the pitcher's box, and have proved steady at critical moments.

The batting orders: HARVARD.  WESLEYAN. Coolidge, 2b.  2b., McDonell H. Kernan, l.f.  1b., Home Matthews, s.s.  p., Chapman Randall, 1b.  c., Hanlon Clarkson, r.f.  s.s., Raymond Stillman, c.f.  r.f., Monroe R. Kernan, c.  3b., Bristol Coburn, p.  l.f., Hancock Carr, 3b.  c.f., Campaigne