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The University crew squad will leave the Square at 2.20 o'clock this afternoon and will take the 3.04 o'clock train from the Back Bay station for New London, where they will arrive at 5.40 o'clock. The launch "John Harvard" will meet the men on their arrival and carry them to "Red Top" in time for a short row before dinner. Both the University and Freshman shells were sent to New London last night and will be rigged today by Hart and Lynch, the Newell and Weld boat-builders, so as to be ready for use this afternoon.

The practice yesterday afternoon was light, consisting only of a short row upstream. The work was still ragged, the most prominent fault being the failure of the men to row together well. The coaching was chiefly directed to the perfecting of a smoother recovery.

Following are the men who will go to New London:

University eight--Stroke, McGrew; 7, Lawson: 6, Filley; 5, Duffy; 4, F.W.C. Foster; 3. George; 2, Wolcott; bow, Swaim; cox., Litchfield.

Four-oared--Stroke, Dillingham; 3, Hartwell; 2, Webster; bow, Ober; cox., Ivy.

Substitutes--Ayer, Derby

Dr. Jewett will accompany the squad as medical examiner, and C.R. Nutter '93 will act as examination proctor. Coach Higginson, Manager Downs, and Assistant-Manager Manning will also go to New London with the squad.

The funds necessary for the maintainance of the Freshman crew at New London have been subscribed and the the squad will leave for New London tomorrow afternoon.

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