New Plan for Conducting Scrub Baseball.-Gift of Chair for Winners.

Mr. Joseph Leiter '91 has kindly continued this year his gift of cups for scrub baseball For this season, however, a change has been made in the mode of managing the series.

J. D. Peabody '06 has been appointed manager of the Leiter Cup series, and he will have personal supervision of the matches. By means of a fixed method of scoring, providing an official scorer for each game, the management will be able to keep in close touch with every detail of the games.

As a stimulus for each team to play all its regular matches in the series, Mr. John Lowell '77, and Mr. R. S. Hale '91 have made the following offer:

"An oak chair with an engraved plate will be awarded, to be held by the winning team. It will be placed for the next year in such a room connected with the University, or used by University students, as shall be designated by the winning team; and the names of the winning team will be engraved on the plate.

"In case the winning team has played all its games for the three years without forfeiting any game, then the names of all the players for such three years, whether or not the team won in the first or second years, will be placed on the plate, and the chair will be placed permanently as a transmittendum in such University room, or room used by University students, as the winning team shall designate.

"In case the room should cease to be used by University students, the chair will become the property of the University, to be placed in such a room as the Corporation shall designate.

"Mr. R. S. Hale '91 has kindly provided the first chair, and Mr. John Lowell '77 has offered to provide another chair as soon as the first chair has been placed."

The competition for this chair will begin this year. Arrangements for entries for the Leiter Cup series will probably be completed about two weeks before the Easter vacation, at which time a set of carefully revised rules to govern the games will be published. Games will commence as soon as possible after the recess.

The following committee will have general supervision of the series this year: J. Lowell '77, O. G. Frantz '03, W. Clarkson '04, L. M. Thornton '05.