Yesterday's Hockey Practice.

In a fairly spirited practice game yesterday afternoon the University hockey team defeated the second seven by a score of 9 to 4. As a result of the hard game with Princeton on Saturday the men played listlessly, at times, and the team play was ragged. Townsend's stick work was better than that of the other forwards and his hard shooting was responsible for five of the first team's nine goals. Callaway, as usual, followed back quickly and was the only first team forward at all effective in this respect. The second team forwards covered their opponents well, and were to a great degree responsible for the loose team play of the University forwards.

A change was made in the defense of both teams. Foster was tried at point on the first team and Nesmith at coverpoint on the second. Although new to these positions both men played a fairly strong game, and Nesmith's work in body-checking was noticeably good.

The line-up: FIRST TEAM.  SECOND TEAM. Pell, l.e.  r.e., Mackay Townsend, l.c.  r.c., Edgell Callaway, r.c.  l.c., Rumsey Wilder, r.e.  l.e., D. Wagstaff Newhall, c.p.  c.p., Nesmith, Grant Foster, p.  p., Grant, Nesmith Tyer, g.  g., Tilden

Goals--Townsend, 5; Callaway 2, Wilder 1, Newhall 1, Edgell 2, Mackay 2.

The Freshman basketball team last night defeated the Brokline High School team by the score of 29 to 5.