1909 Reception Committee

The following is published for the benefit of those members of the Freshman Reception Committee who have not understood the plans for receptions this year:

As in former years, each member of the committee will invite a number of Freshmen to his room, giving them an opportunity to meet informally a few upper classmen of prominence, as well as members of their own class. Every man is expected to give his beer night before the end of October, and lists of men and invitation blanks are at the office of the Union and should be called for at once.

The executive committee in charge of the receptions this year is as follows: B. K. Stephenson '06, chairman, J. L. White '06, N. Kelley '06, F. A. Goodhue '06, W. A. Graves '06, W. H. Keeling '07, J. D. White '07, D. G. Field '07.

Following are the members of the reception committee:

From 1906--C. L. Ames, A. C. Blagden, L. Burchard, C. Burlingham, G. H. Burnett, W. J. Carr, A. L. Castle, L. W. Clark, W. W. Corlett, A. Dana, C. D. Davol, L. Delano, E. J. Dives, T. B. Dorman, J. D. Eliot, W. F. Emerson, O. D. Filley, P. W. Flint, J. O. Foss, A. G. Gill, R. Grant, J. R. Hale, A. E. Hutchinson, A. N. Holcombe, F. S. Kellogg, LeR. King, R. J. Leonard, D. McFadon, C. D. Morgan, L. T. Neale, D. A. Newhall, J. D. Nichols, S. D. Preston, W. Sabine, H. B. Sawyer, O. N. Shepherd, T. D. Sloan, R. N. Smither, G. Switzer, H. A. Taylor, S. Titcomb, C. E. Ware, F. H. White, A. E. Wood, S. K. Becker, H. A. Bellows, H. G. Byers, S. Cabot, Jr., R. B. Emmons, T. S. Farelly, F. C. Irving, H. S. Lord, F. H. Nesmith, H. M. Turner, C. T. Ryder, H. R. Shurtleff, C. Wickersham.


From 1907--F. R. Appleton, R. L. Bacon, E. R. Corbett, J. J. Dearborn, F. H. Davis, W. D. Dexter, H. W. Durant, F.F. Dodge, H. F. Evans, D. G. Field, H. Foster, R. W. French, W. Goodwin, M. B. Groton M. Hale, L. Harrison, S. P. Henshaw, J. J. Higginson, S. T. Hubbard, J. H. Ijams, W. H. Keeling, J. P. Lane, A. S. Locke, J. M. Morse, J. C. Parrish, Jr., V. Pierce, J. C. Prizer, J. J. Rowe, J. Reynolds, Jr., F. H. Sibley, S. T. Stackpole, D. W. Streeter, G. T. Sugden, R. M. Tappan, H. S. Vanderbilt, E. J. Wendell, J. D. White, R. H. Wiewall, B. L. Young.