Defeated F. J. Sulloway 2L. In Straight Sets.--Niles Won by Steadler Play.

In the final round of the fall tennis tournament yesterday afternoon, N. W. Niles '09 defeated F. J. Sulloway 2L., 6-1, 6-3, 6-0. With the exception of the second set Niles played a very accurate game. His serve was faultless, and his return shots, especially those at the net, were very well placed. Sulloway served well, but was unable to cover his court, and some of his returns were very inaccurate. Niles, who becomes University champion by defeating Sulloway, has for the last two years won the interscholastic singles in the Harvard tournament, and also the national interscholastic singles at Newport.

Play in Doubles Yesterday and Today.

The results of the matches in doubles played yesterday were as follows:

F. Roche '09 and O. B. Harriman '09 defeated Black 3L. and Fairbanks 3L. 9-7, 6-4; Stackpole '07 and Eaton '07 defeated Harrison '07 and Reggio '07 by default; Sulloway 2L. and Cole 2L. defeated Irving '07 and Davis '07 8-6, 6-0.

The following matches are scheduled for today:


At 3--Sulloway 2L. and Cole 2L. vs. Ivy 1L. and Wadsworth 2L.

At 3.30--Stackpole '07 and Eaton '07 vs. Reynolds '07 and Henshaw '07.

Interclass Tennis Begins Friday.

The first matches of the interclass tennis tournament will be played Friday. Teams composed of six men from each class will compete, and all men who desire to take part in the tournament must hand in their names to their class captain before six o'clock tonight. The following men have been appointed captains: 1906--R. Grant, Jr. 1907--A. M. Harlow. 1908--A. Fraser-Campbell. 1909--N. W. Niles.