Plans Much the Same as Last Year.--Members from 1906 and 1907.

The Freshman Committee will meet in the Assembly Room of the Union tonight at 7.15 to discuss plans for the year and to receive blank invitations. This year, as in former years, each member of the committee will invite a number of Freshmen to his room, giving them an opportunity to meet informally a few upper classmen of prominence, as well as members of their own class.

The following executive committee has been appointed. B. K. Stephenson '06, chairman, J. L. White '06, N. Kelley '06, F. A. Goodhue '06, W. A. Graves '06, W. H. Keeling '07, J. D. White '07, D. G. Field '07.

Following are the members of the reception committee:

From 1906--C. L. Ames, A. C. Blagden, L. Burchard, C. Burlingham, G. H. Burnett, W. J. Carr, A. L. Castle, L. W. Clark, W. W. Corlett, A. Dana, C. D. Davol, L. Delano, E. J. Dives, T. B. Dorman, J. D. Eliot, W. F. Emerson, O. D. Filley, P. W. Flint, J. O. Foss, A. G. Gill, R. Grant, J. R. Hale, a. E. Hutchinson, A. N. Holcombe, F. S. Kellogg, LeR. King, R. J. Leonard, D. McFadon, C. D. Morgan L. T. Neale, D. A. Newhall, J. D. Nichols, S. D. Preston, W. Sabine, H. B. Sawyer, O. N. Shepherd, T. D. Sloan, R. N. Smither, G. Switzer, H. A. Taylor, S. Titcomb, C. E. Ware, F. H. White, A. E. Wood.

From 1907--F. R. Appleton, R. L. Bacon, E. R. Corbett, J. J. Dearborn, F. H. Davis, W. D. Dexter H. W. Durant, F. F. Dodge, H. F. Evans, D. G. Field, H. Foster, R. W. French, W. Goodwin, M. B. Groton, M. Hale, L. Harrison S. P. Henshaw, J. J. Higginson, S. T. Hubbard, J. H. Ijams, W. H. Keeling, J. P. Lane, A. S. Locke, J. M. Morse, J. C. Parrish, Jr., V. Pierce, J. C. Prizer, J. L. Rowe, J. Reynolds, Jr., F. H. Sibley, S. T. Stackpole, D. W. Streeter, G. T. Sugden, R. M.Tappan, H. S. Vanderbilt, E. J. Wendell, J. D. White, R. H. Wiswall, B. L. Young.