Tennis Ranking for 1905

The executive committee of the United States Lawn Tennis Association has published the official ranking of players for 1905 as follows:

First Class--B. C. Wright '03, (owes 3-6 of 15).

Second Class--H. Ward '00, W. J. Clothier '04, W. A. Larned, (owe 2-6 of 15).

Third Class--F. Alexander, C. Hobart, R. Stevens, K. Collins, R. D. Little, (scratch).

Fourth Class--F. G. Anderson, K. Behr, E. B. Dewhurst, R. Leroy, L. H. Weidner, (receive 2-6 of 15).


Fifth Class--G. H. Nettleton, R. X. Seaver, W. C. Grant, J. O. E. Jones, L. Terry, F. J. Sulloway 2L., K. Horton, H. Mollenhauer, H. J. Holt, (receive 3-6 of 15).

Sixth Class--H. Torrence, F. C. Colston, G. A. Lyon, Jr., '03, E. J. Clapp, E. B. V. Lyon, T. T. Gross, (receive 4-6 of 15).

Seventh Class--N. W. Niles '09, T. B. Plimpton, W. C. Johnson, (receive 5-6 of 15).

Eighth Class--H. F. Cole, R. Bishop '01, J. O. Ames, H. D. Montgomery, H. Homans, R. N. Dann, P. B. Hawk, (receive 15).

The ranking in doubles is as follows:

First Class--H. Ward '00 and B. C. Wright '03, (owe 3-6 of 15).

Second Class--Hackett and Alexander, Collins and Weidner, (scratch).

Third Class--G. L. Wrenn, Jr., '96 and R. Fincke '01, Little and Leroy.

Fourth Class--Hobart and Grant, Dewhurst and Holt, Nettleton and Perry.

Fifth Class--Anderson and Mollenhauer, F. J. Sulloway 2L. and N. W. Niles '09.