Charles Eliot Guild '46.

Charles Eliot Guild '46, a first cousin and brother-in-law of President Eliot, died Wednesday morning at his home in Brookline after a short illness. Soon after graduation Mr. Guild went to India and entered the East India trade. Becoming interested in the insurance business he was later made president of the American Insurance Company of Boston. In 1873 he accepted the local agency of the Liverpool and London and Globe Insurance Company and after a few years entered into partnership under the firm name of Guild and Eastman, with which firm, in addition to many other local insurance interests, his name has since been associated.

James Coolidge Carter '50.

James Coolidge Carter '50, a prominent member of the New York Bar and formerly president of the Bar Association, died Tuesday at his home in New York City. Mr. Carter was born in Lancaster in 1827. After graduating from the University he received the degree of LL.B. from the Law School in 1853, and later, in 1885, received that of LL.D. Leaving Harvard he rose rapidly in his profession and after having been head of several law firms was, at his death, senior member of Ledyard and Millburn. He enjoyed a wide reputation as a speaker and had held a number of high government offices.

George Walker Weld '60.

George Walker Weld '60 died at his home in Boston on Monday at the age of sixty-five. During his life Mr. Weld was a prominent yachtsman, spending much of his time in cruising. He was particularly found of rowing and was the donor of the land on which the Weld Boathouse was created. Three years ago he presented the University with the steam launch "Veritas."