Basketball with Colgate Tonight.

SCHENECTADY, N. Y., February 23.--The Harvard basketball team was defeated here tonight by the Washington Continentals by the score of 24 to 12. Owing to the fast play the game was unusually rough and many fouls were called on both teams.

The summary follows:

Score--Harvard, 12; Washington Continentals, 24. Goals from the floor--Christian 3, H. Tilden 2, Lennon 2, Snyder 2, Henderson, Griffiths. Goals from fouls--Henderson 4, Lennon 10. Fouls called--on Harvard, 15; on Washington Continentals, 13. Referee--Tilden, Washington Continentals. Umpire--W. O. Dapping '05. Time--20-minute halves.

This evening the University team will play Colgate at Ithaca, N. Y. As Colgate has played few of the eastern colleges the outcome of the game this evening is difficult to predict.

The line-up will be as follows: HARVARD.  WASHINGTON CONTINENTALS. Henderson, l.f.  r.f., Lamb, Abell Murray, r.f.  l.f., H. Tilden Snyder, c.  c., Lennen Burnham, l.g.  r.g., F. Tilden Griffiths, r.g.  l.g., Christian

HARVARD.  COLGATE. Henderson, Underwood, l.f.  r.f., Runze Murray, r.f.  l.f., Brooks Snyder, c.  c., Knapp Burnham, l.g.  l.g., Brigham Griffiths, r.g.  l.g., Green