Swimming Meet with Brown Tonight.

The University swimming team will hold a dual meet with Brown tonight at Providence. The Brown team was easily defeated by Yale two weeks ago, and, although the University team has not been in competition, a hard contest is not expected. The Harvard men who will take part; and the events in which they are entered are as follows:

50-yard dash--D. C. Noyes '07, E. George 1G.

100-yard dash--J. V. Quinlan '07, E. Farley '07.

220-yard dash--L. Howe '07.

Plunge--J. Cunniff '07, E. H. Sherburne '05.


Diving--H. P. Pratt (capt.), M. M. Goodwin '07, R. K. Tomlin '07.

Water polo team--Forwards: E. Farley '07, L. Howe '07, O. N. Shepard '06; backs: J. Cunniff '07, E. H. Sherburne '05, T. S. Farrelly '06; substitute: R. R. Hellmann '05.

Relay team--L. Howe '07, J. V. Quinlan '07, E. Farley '07, E. George 1G., D. C. Noyes '07.