University Calendar.

*Open to the Public. **Open to the University

BOARD OF OVERSEERS. Adjourned Meeting at No. 50 State street, Boston, 11 A. M.

Last day for receiving applications for all Graduate Fellowships and Scholarships, and for College Scholarships to be assigned to Graduate Students.

SEMITIC CONFERENCE. "Messianic Conceptions in Extra-Apocalyptical Jewish Literature subsequent to 200 B.C." Mr. W. C. Morro. Semitic Museum, Room 2, 4.30 P. M.

**BOTANICAL CLUB. "Certain Features of Australasian Vegetation," Professor Goodale (Illustrated by the Stereopticon). Nash Lecture Room, University Museum, 4.45 P. M.

**CHEMICAL CLUB. "The Analysis of Cadmium Chloride," Mr. M. A. Hines; "Electro-stenolysis," Mr. B. S. Lacy, Boylston Hall, Room 9, 4.30 P. M.


**ST. PAUL'S SOCIETY "Armenia; Its Present Situation, Its Church, and Its History," Rev. Theodore Isaacs. Noble Room, Phillips Brooks House, 7 P. M.

**READING, Masterpieces of the Short Story. III. "The Gold Bug," by Edgar Allan Poe, Mr. Copeland, Sever 11, 8 P. M.