University Calendar.

**Open to the University.

Monday, March 20.

SEMINARY OF AMERICAN HISTORY AND INSTITUTIONS. "Prosperity during the Civil War: A Study of Northern Conditions," Mr. E. D. Fite. Sever 9, 3.30 P. M.

SEMINARY OF ECONOMICS. "Railway Reorganizations: The Atchison System," Mr. S. Daggett. University 23, 4.30 P. M.

**ZOOLOGICAL CLUB. "Methods of Attachment in Brachiopods," Professor R. T. Jackson. Short Papers. Room 1, fourth floor, Zoological Museum, 4.45 P. M.

**PHYSICAL COLLOQUIUM. "Electric Waves on Wires," Mr. P. W. Bridgman and Mr. J. M. Adams. Jefferson Physical Laboratory, Room 25, 5 P. M.


**FORESTRY CLUB. "Methods of Work in the Bureau of Forestry," Mr. A. F. Hawes. Robinson Hall, 7.30 P. M.